We are Cathy and Andy Brown, and we are the owners of Sweet Dream Doll Nursery.

Through our passion for dolls we have garnered an assortment of collectable dolls from around the world. And now, Reborn Baby dolls have taken our hearts. We have our own Reborn babies, and and we will create a custom
       baby for you upon request. Our babies are up for adoption on ebay. Contact
       us for more information. 

for adoption that we hope you will enjoy meeting.

We have had private adoptions to family, friends and referrals, and now we are starting this adoption nursery so we can offer our Baby Dolls to everyone.

Feel free to email us with any questions that you may have.
We will respond quickly to your enquiries about the dolls, materials, clothing
adoption and special requests.

Thanks, Cathy and Andy Brown, Sweet Dream Nursery